For Core FrenchTeachers - Help Yourself!

Here are some worksheets, activity sheets, and tests which you might find useful...

For those looking for an AIM compatible narrative or play about the Christmas story, I created the little Premier Noël a number of years ago from an old YCDSB document. I adapted the story to be told in the third person singular and added a few details to make the ensuing cahier work more interesting. I have now added new images to the book. It can be a kind of Christmas Eve colouring book (bound with pretty ribbon) for the students to share with their parents. It very easily, however, turns into a tableau-type play with one group of students as shepherds, one group as angels and, of course, Joseph and Mary.

All these worksheets were created while I was teaching FSL. This initial set reflects stuff I made to go with the AIM plays I taught to various grades. Most of the activity sheets were introduced before the children were ready to start their initial "cahiers". I know some are not orthodox (some English - blush). Feel free to use and improve at will!


Salut, mon ami !:

This was a great introduction to the AIM program for my grades 7, 7/8, and 8s. Did a fair amount of checking for comprehension in English. It was a huge success with the students.

Le rap d'entrée en classe: Fill in the blanks

This rap (see the AIM manuals and CD) is what bought me my street cred with the kids. At the end of September they made their own music video with this routine. We kind of followed the kids on Wendy's video but the various "Dance Captains" (who had never had starring roles in French class before) choreographed the show and everyone had a great time with my video camera. Boys came from one side of the building while girls countered from the other and all met in front of the school for final choruses.

La Poule Maboule:

Où est mon chien ?:

Les Trois Petits Cochons:

Le chat et la lune:

Comment y aller ?:


L'arbre ungali:

The two best things about doing this long play (only rehearse in 10 min. bits) were:
(1) One of the grade 4 boys was a natural drummer and played during the song;
(2) Had a great time doing story retell between the two grade 4 classes! Each class would add a paragraph to the chart paper and the next class would re-read the whole story and then add their own following paragraph. Very entertaining!